Om AirPods Case

Fashionable and practical, perfect for a night out on the town, walking, cycling or hiking in the mountains. Your Om comes to you in a beautiful eco-friendly box, ready for gifting.
Airpods Case

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Protecting your AirPods in style is made easy with Dreem Om cases. Crafted from excellent quality synthetic leather, this case offers an elegant and practical solution for keeping your AirPods safe and secure. Om is available for all sizes of AirPods (Pro, versions 1-3). Let’s take a closer look at the features that make the Dreem Om case a must-have accessory for any AirPods user.

Color Options and Style

The Dreem Om case is available in a variety of colors to match your tastes and personality. From traditional leather colors like warm creamy brown, darker brown, and classic black to more vibrant shades like deep blue, power red, pink, and light blue, there’s a color for everyone. Its simple yet classic style complements the Apple look and is perfect for any occasion, be it a night out or a professional business setting.

Perfect Fit and Protection

The case is designed to fit your AirPods Pro snugly, offering excellent protection without adding too much bulk. Weighing just 19 grams, the case is lightweight, easy to put on and remove, and does not interfere with the opening and closing of your AirPods. The strong hard inner case protects your device from drops or bumps, and the soft inner lining keeps it free from scratches.

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Charging Compatibility and LED Access

The Dreem Om case features a cutout for charging cable access and is compatible with wireless charging. There is also a window cutout for the AirPods LED, making it convenient to check the charging status without removing the case.

The case comes with a 360° rotating clip, making it easy to attach to your keys, bags, backpack, bike, belts, or clothes.

Airpods Case

Om AirPods Case

If you’re looking for a stylish, durable, and practical case for your AirPods Pro, the Dreem Om case is an excellent choice. With its high-quality vegan leather material, perfect fit, and convenient features, it’s a worthy investment to protect your beloved AirPods Pro.