Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 5 & SE(1)

Your Fibonacci wallet-case looks and feels amazing! All the luxury and prestige of leather, with compassion and without compromises. Fibonacci lives up to your standards and your style.

iPhone 5 & SE(1) wallet-case
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Carefully Engineered Down to the Smallest Detail

  • Exclusive double clasp system holds your valuables securely (even if dropped)
  • Two-way integrated kickstand with vertical and horizontal viewing capabilities
  • Soft, matte vegan leather that gives excellent grip-ability with a luxurious feel
  • Precision cutouts so all ports and buttons operate flawlessly
  • 1mm raised bezel edge that protects your screen from damage
  • Phone purse conversion – attach your own stylish strap for easy carry
  • Ample speaker cutout that doesn’t impede conversations
  • Luxurious microfiber lining that safeguards your phone against scratches

Unbreakable TPU Case

Made from shock absorbing flexible plastic which cannot crack. Enclosed top and bottom, plus raised bezel (around screen) for improved protection. Still slim and elegant, with easy button access.

iPhone 5 & SE(1) wallet-case

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed! It is safe for wireless charging and mostly compatible with any chargers. I hope this helps! Thank you!

Yes that’s how it’s. Mine does this too, but after around a year of using it it’s never caused any problems. I think it’s just so that you can pull the AirPods charging case easier.

Absolutely! We offer our Om AirPods Pro case covers in our full colour range to match our Fibonacci iPhone cases.
Remove AirPods case from the OM by holding the bottom of the Om case with one hand, opening the top, and pressing with the thumb at the center to detach the AirPods lid from the Om top cover. The lid should release from the top cover. Close the lid of the Airpods case. Hold the Om lengthwise with middle finger and thumb and shimmy the case back and forth until it slides out the rest of the way. This will become easier once the Om is broken in. Warning: Do not use metal devices such as a screwdriver or a knife to push the Airpods out of the case from the lightning port opening on the bottom of the Om case.