Best of both worlds where I can remove the phone from the wallet. I am SOOOO happy I found this case. It’s beautiful, versatile sturdy and feels great. Beyond happy!

Trish Bishop

Absolutely the most classy phone case I have ever owned. it goes with every suit I have and my shoes as well!, beautiful stitching, soft leather, excellent magnet, perfect placing.

Louis Brinkman

Great design and aesthetics. The case holds strong and looks to be of good quality. Love that it is vegan friendly.

Rion Smith

I love this. It’s the only one that I found where the phone will detach from the case. It’s held in by a magnet. It is well made.

Michelle Morse

I've purchased cases from Dreem before and have always loved them. There were other cases available when the iPhone 12 Pro came out, but I waited for this one. Customer service is the best.

Scott R. Davis

I still love this case after 5 years. This is the 4th one I've purchased. Even the first one I purchased for an iPhone 6 is still in great shape.