Tetra Laptop Stand

Portable Laptop Stand
Portable Laptop Stand

Stability Without Clunkiness

Ultra portable, tiny and uncomplicated, stability without size and weight, in a word perfect, for when you’re on the go. Get all the ergonomic benefits of costly laptop stands, but from a tiny tetrahedron, for a fraction of the price.

Minimalist Beauty

Tetra gives your MacBook Air or Pro a unique “zero-gravity” look that enhances its minimalist beauty. Tetra is so small and uncomplicated to pack, you might actually have it with you when you need it.

Portable Laptop Stand

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Tetra works beautifully with Apple MacBook laptops. The tip of the Tetra engages with the little gap between the screen and the bottom case which appears when the laptop is open. Other types of laptops may work too, if there is some sort of horizontal feature at the back and bottom of your laptop, which the Tetra peak can catch on to.

Yes, the Tetra will not slip off the pyramid if you place it in the groove between the screen and the laptop keyboard. 

No, it is perfectly safe for your MacBook. Very little pressure is applied to the screen. Most of the weight is placed onto the strong bottom of the laptop. Tetra has been used for years without any issues on many kinds of laptops.

No. We find that the Tetra is a little too tall to work well with the iPad Mini and similar small tablets.