About Us

We are a for-benefit company in business to market innovative products that bring ease to living. Beyond their pragmatic value, our products by virtue of their disruptive technological design, have the power to draw people and things together magnetically in order to create a more evolved, inspiring, and ethical world.

We believe that we can foster innovation along with trust and empowerment by enhancing one of the integral qualities of humans: our geniality.

Geniality is the union of mankind and the infinite universal Source manifesting itself through the acts of the Soul. The acts manifest in the material world in a way that supports unity and communion, friendship and association.   

The Dreem brand supports the genius in each of us so that we cultivate a caring community of innovation and wonder in service to evolution. We do that through trust, inspiration, and empowerment of our team and our customers. We are all of us weavers and dreamers.

The inherent genius that lies within each of us is simply waiting to be called forth.

Through our sister brand, DreemSeed, we aim to connect like-minded people who seek to thrive at the highest vibration in their relationships with nature, with one another, and themselves -- in order to build synergies and an abundant well of resources that will reveal new paradigms for living more harmonious and resonant lives.

The Dreem team is a multi-cultural group with a passion for co-creation, wellness, travel, community-building and adventure comprised of designers, engineers, architects, visionaries, change agents, wayfinders and you. Dreem creates products that are pathways to collective transformation.


Would you like to be part of the dreem family? 

Connect in with your geniality, share your ideas and dream with us.

Let’s Make. Life. Beautiful.